Think about it: governments, in collusion with central banks, completely control the currency system that all the people in the entire world are forced to use.

Yeah, that’s a good idea….

Remember what Rothschild said: “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.”

By printing money for their own use—which they get to spend at its current value—Washington has devalued every dollar we hold to around 2¢. They then call this debasement “inflation”, which manifest as rising consumer prices (in reality, devalued currency) later down the road, as the fake money eventually infiltrates the economy.

How much better off would you be if your dollars were worth 50 times more than they are now, as they would be if not for this ongoing, hidden theft? What would you do with all that extra wealth? Buy a home? A new car? Go to college? Send your kids to college? Travel the world? Start that business you’ve always dreamed of? Retire?

What’s worse, the US government is using the trillions they are stealing out of our nation’s economy via the Fed’s printing presses to fund wars and devastation around the world, along with the emerging police state here at home.

Some of the best news to emerge for mankind in decades—perhaps centuries—is the advent of private, digital currencies such as Bitcoin, which are strictly peer-to-peer, with no government control or other third party needed for facilitation. They are not controlled—or controllable—by those in charge at the top of the political chain.

The entire world’s economy is moving online, where people can trade more freely, without so much government intervention and extortion—and now there are Internet currencies being developed and introduced, which do not depreciate as government currencies do from constant debasement, or theft via the printing presses.

I find it astonishing that the US dollar has lost upwards of 98% of its value, is no longer backed by anything (other than the US military), the living standards of entire generations of Americans has plummeted, and millions of people are flooding into the ranks of the impoverished—and yet nobody seems to care 1) where all their wealth is going, 2) why this is happening, or 3) what can be done to stop it.

1) Where is it going? A: The politicians and colluding bankers are stealing it, via the printing presses.

2) Why is it happening? A: The politicians and bankers are using the trillions to enrich themselves beyond imagination, and to project unfathomable power around the world, via force, violence, corruption, and wars.

3) What can be done to stop it? A: The mass adoption of Bitcoin, and other crypto-currencies, is what can—and will—stop the insanity of forced, government-controlled fiat currencies.

In the  following vide, Jeff Berwick— founder of The Dollar Vigilante, the world’s top annual anarchist gathering Anarchapulco, and host of the popular video podcast, Anarchast—talks about the advent of Bitcoin and the rise of crypto-currencies, and the coming demise of the current world-wide fiat currency system, at the Texas Bitcoin Conference:

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