My first response was you gotta be fucking kidding me…but then I realized that something like this is exactly what I expected would happen:

First of all, the gym I belong(ed) to (24hr Fitness), voluntarily closed all their facilities the week before (and, conveniently enough, just a couple days after debiting my CC for my monthly payment) the tyrant Nevada Gov. Sisolak illegally ordered them closed. And, as I’ve stated before, I view voluntary stupidity a little differently than stupidity forced at gunpoint, so I deleted my payment information from my account online, intending to terminate my membership for breach of contract (I was never happy with the facility anyway, but thought I’d give it a shot because it’s close).

And, I’ve been wondering how any of the gyms (much like the casinos) will be able to operate once our overlords “allow” them to open back up, if they’re forced to do all the asinine social distancing, constant sanitation, masks, etc.

Well, I just got an email from them with a linked video showing the changes they’re making “to keep us safe”, in preparation for re-opening when the unconstitutional government lockdown is lifted. It’s unbelievable:

1) They’re doing social distancing by moving the machines further apart, and moving some into different areas (like onto the basketball court), asking that those wishing to use those areas please understand and respect the safety of other members

2) They’re going to close overnight for full facility sanitation (there goes the whole “24hr” part of 24hr Fitness, huh?)

3) They will also be closing at regular intervals throughout the day for facility sanitation. But don’t worry—they’ll make an announcement when it’s time for everyone to stop in the middle of their workout, gather their stuff, and LEAVE, so the staff can sanitize everything

4) Another benefit: using their app, you’ll be able to schedule a workout slot (assuming one is open at a time that you can go), as now they will be limiting the number of members in the facility at any one time. So, no slot available when you want to go workout? That’s okay, you just don’t get to workout that day. So much for sticking to a routine, huh?

5) With reduced member access, and such inconveniences to their active members, I imagine their member base will drop substantially—which I bet will mean higher member fees for those who stay

I don’t know—perhaps for others, these inconveniences won’t be too much of a problem. But it definitely won’t work for me…besides, I’ve already cancelled my membership there.

But the thing that worries me is if ALL the gyms in town do this…how would anyone such as myself—an independent contractor with an irregular work schedule, and who understands the importance of lifestyle/routine/habit in sticking to a regimen and striving for steady progress, and who also tends to go workout when I happen to get a free couple of hours unexpectedly and, not being an idle person, decide to hit the gym—be able to work around all these new asinine, pointless rules/restrictions?

Answer: it would be next to impossible.

I can only hope that all of the gyms in town don’t stumble into this same idiocy…insanity? I don’t have room at my residence for any kind of home gym, or really any equipment whatsoever….so not sure what I’d do if I can’t go to a gym regularly.

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