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A quick apology to my readers…

I am in the process of resurrecting my blog, and am still in the setup phase. However, even though Google announced earlier in the year that Feedburner would no longer support their email subscription feature, and even though I’ve not yet set up email subscriptions on the new blog, apparently Feedburner is still active from the previous blog and sent out an email to all my subscribers last night containing a bunch of sample posts that were actually included in the template I’m using to set things up, after which they are to be unpublished and my own posts published.

I apologize for this, I had no idea it would happen.

Hopefully, any emails in the future will only comprise new/original content from me. I thank you for your patience as I work to get the blog back up and functioning properly. And thanks to all of you for subscribing! I really appreciate it!

~ Rand

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