Announcement: INSIGHTS Subscribers Receive 20% Discount at Lifeology Store

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As most of you are aware, I recently launched Lifeology Store, which offers exclusive, unique, one-of-a-kind products and gifts.

Now, to show my appreciation to all of you, I’ve set up a 20% discount you can use for any purchase in Lifeology Store. Simply enter the discount code INSIGHTS20 at checkout to get your 20% savings! And, the discount is effective through the end of the year, including the holidays, doesn’t expire until midnight December 31st!

(This discount includes new subscribers, who will receive their code in the welcome email upon signing up).

Be aware:

• The discount expires as of midnight December 31st.
• It is a single-use discount code, so be sure your order is complete before redeeming it!

So head on over to Lifeology Store and start your shopping—remember, Christmas is right around the corner, and Lifeology Store offers many unique gifts, sure to please—and enjoy 20% off your entire purchase, simply for putting up with me all these years!

Thanks again, and enjoy!

~ Rand


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Rand Eastwood

Rand Eastwood is an author & blogger, artist & craftsman, and business owner currently residing in Las Vegas, NV. Certified in both nutrition and ancestral health, he is a healthy nutrition & lifestyle advocate. Ideologically, he describes himself as an Individualist, Consensualist, Syncretist, and Autarchist. Under Eastwood Innovations, LLC he owns/operates Lifeology Store, an online store that offers exclusive, unique, specialty printed products & gifts of his own design. Also, much of his fiction—including some award-winners—is included in his book Rolling The Bones. He also has an extensive novel under development (working title Primeval), along with various other writing projects. To follow his work, you can subscribe to this blog (form in sidebar & below each post, or simply use this quick sign-up form), friend him on Facebook, like/follow the INSIGHTS Blog FB page, like/follow his Lifeology Store FB page, follow his author page on Amazon and Goodreads for future book releases, and visit/shop his Lifeology Store. His Mantra: "To seek, discover, assimilate, and disseminate Truth."

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