Hacked: An Apology…


This week I received notice from my hosting service that their WordPress platform was hacked, and as a security measure they changed everyone’s login info and directed us to reset them.

However, my reset link didn’t work and so I was locked out of my blog for several days. After working with tech support for hours in an attempt to get that resolved, they still couldn’t fix it, but then I had my web guy Sachin Grover look into it, and he finally got it fixed and I can once again access the blog.

But then I discovered that all of the links within the blog—categories, posts, etc.—were still not working, resulting in “Page Not Found” errors. Suspicious, I then checked the most recent email newsletter, and sure enough—all of the links in the most recent email newsletter were broken too.

So if you received the newsletter and all the links were dysfunctional, that’s why.

But once again, Sachin got on it and it’s all been fixed, and now everything seems to be working normally.

I just wanted to explain to all of you what happened and why, and once again apologize for the dysfunctional newsletter that went out.

Thanks to all of you for your ongoing patience as I work from square one to build out this newly redesigned/relaunched blog.

BTW—If anyone needs a web expert for their blog or website, I highly recommend Sachin Grover! I’ve hired his services for years now, for all of the sites I manage, and his work has always been outstanding and very timely, friendly, and reasonable. So give him a shout if you have any website needs!

Rand Eastwood

Rand Eastwood is an author and blogger residing in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada. Certified in both nutrition and ancestral health, he is a healthy lifestyle advocate. He is also a devout individualist and consensualist, as well as philosopher and syncretist. Much of his fiction is included in his collection Rolling The Bones, and he currently has an extensive novel under development, working title Primeval. To follow his work, you can subscribe to this blog, connect with him via his social links (right sidebar), and follow him on Amazon.

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