New York Bans Gas Stoves

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Reason Magazine recently reported that:

New York’s new state budget includes a provision banning gas stoves in new residential construction. CNN reports that only electric stoves will be allowed in buildings under seven stories by 2026 and taller buildings by 2029.

But they’re not the first, actually California led the way (surprise surprise):

Berkeley, California, was the first city to ban gas stoves in new buildings in 2019 [though a federal appeals court has since struck it down]. A handful of other California cities have since followed suit. New York City adopted a local-level ban at the end of 2021. It goes into effect next year for smaller buildings.

Proponents of gas stove bans claim that the gas is bad for the climate and that their emissions in the home are unhealthy (one need only view the cover image of this article to recognize the absurdity of the latter claim). As to the former claim, the Reason article points out:

On-site use of gas stoves and furnaces uses almost all the energy in the gas. Generating electricity from gas and then using that electricity to power appliances is much less efficient. Of New York’s 10 largest power plants, for instance, five are powered by natural gas.

Read the entire article here.

So apparently, though there may not ultimately be a federal ban, local bans are being cooked up…

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