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Please Note: Blog Redesign In Process…

Just a note to visitors:

Earlier in the year I took this blog down, and have recently resurrected it, completely redesigned and rebranded.

So, though there isn’t a tremendous amount of content up right now, there are hundreds of articles in archive that I will be sorting through, selecting, updating, and republishing on an ongoing basis, along with brand new material. Plus, I’ll be adding menus and pages and other features as I get them developed.

Over time, this blog will be even bigger and better than the original!

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you’ll check back for more content in the future. Meantime, please consider subscribing to the email newsletter to receive new content as it is published. Plus, you can follow the “Let’s Connect” links in the right sidebar to friend/follow me elsewhere.

Thanks again for visiting,

 ~ Rand

Rand Eastwood

Rand Eastwood is an Author, Blogger, Philosopher, Certified Nutritionist/Healthy Lifestyle Advocate, Graphic Designer, Individualist, Consensualist, and Syncretist residing in beautiful Las Vegas, NV.

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