Rolling The Bones ON SALE $8 OFF!

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Apparently, Amazon decided to put my book Rolling The Bones on sale, nearly $8 off! (Trade paperback, 608 pgs).

Thought I’d spread the word. Just click this link to get yours:

Rolling The Bones Trade Paperback Sale $8 OFF!

Writer’s Digest Literary Judge Review:

“This collection of a dozen short stories and novellas [and a short novel] gives the reader a rich variety of points of view and plot twists. The emphasis is generally on character rather than action, even in a piece about rape and guilt during World War II. The author uses many of the key devices for good literary story-telling: simile, metaphor, alliteration, strong verbs and so on. He creates good imagery and plays with the timeline as needed. For example, in the opening fiction, The Traveler, the first-person narrative gives the author the key to much interior dialogue. Other selections look at the tensions that arise in all relationships and how they play out, both in the short term and long term. There is even humor, not just in some of the titles (Forever Anna Day). In another piece [A Bearable Darkness of Being], the metaphysical plays out in a struggle between human shadows that possess more presence than their human counterparts. These creative looks at the human condition are entertaining even though some are faster paced than others. The “bones” or dice in question symbolize the ambiguity of life and life choices as each story seems to look at the essence of duality in one form or another. One of the pluses of any anthology like this is that the author gets to explore and flex. This author does that as well. The skull image on the cover portends more of a negative tone to the contents than is there; while some selections certainly are dark, there is redemption here as well.”

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