Seems to me that viruses and “the climate”—both being unseen and/or abstract—have become the new bogeymen, used by politicians and governments to justify, and frighten people into compliance with, their draconian dictates, laws, general oppression, and blatant revocations of our freedoms and violations of our rights—not to mention the extortion of ever more of our hard-earned money.

The unfounded hysteria reminds me somewhat of the Salem Witch trials…only on a global scale.

With that in mind, I wanted to share two disconcerting videos I came across recently.

Now, I don’t know anything about Katie Hopkins, or whether what she’s saying is true, but in the following video she’s claiming that the Oxford Council has passed a resolution, which takes affect in 2024, dividing the city into six zones, and limiting all residents to a zone, ideally within 15-minutes of anything they might need, and requiring anyone who wishes to travel outside of their allocated zone to apply for a permit, and being fined if they do so without one—which will also be limited in number over the course of each year. She also claims a similar program is to be implemented in Canterbury.

This is to be monitored and enforced via “e-gates”, license plate recognition, and facial recognition technologies.

Again, I’ve no idea of this is true, but she seems to be quite knowledgeable, the video has over 10k likes, the story was also covered by Sky News Australia, The Hill has published an article about the coming climate lockdowns, and the way things have been going the past couple of years and are still going and even getting worse (case in point: leaders at the recent (Nov 2022) G20 Summit in Bali, Indonesia issued a declaration that includes plans for vaccine passports (#23), which has also been endorsed/published by the Biden administration), I can easily believe that her claims are likely true, and that we might all be facing similar measures if they’re not stopped beforehand. And I think the potential threat is important enough to be shared far and wide, just in case.

Take a minute and watch (try not to throw anything):

On the other hand, we all know who Laura Ingraham is, and in May 2021 she issued a similar warning about potential climate lockdowns on her show the Ingraham Angle:

And BTW, I really like her closing statement:

“The only lockdown that should happen again is of the politicians who try to wrest away liberties and hard-earned money on the bogus claim that government can solve every problem—when we know all too often, government just makes matters worse.”

Anyway, if the COVID lockdowns really were a prelude to what they’re planning with climate lockdowns, well, I consider that potential threat worthy of being shared, getting the word out, in the hope that an informed and now more alert populace can take the appropriate action to prevent these insane lockdowns from ever happening again.

A final note: consider the drug war, wherein governments are essentially saying, “You might destroy your life with drugs, so we’ll definitely destroy your life if we catch you with them.” Well, the climate alarmists seem to have adopted that same line of reasoning, prompting me to ask: What good will it do to “save the planet”, if it means destroying our lives, businesses, societies, and economies in the process?

Rand Eastwood

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