Back when I was writing in the “Toward Autarchy” theme (before all the censorship, de-platforming, shadow-banning, etc., aka the censorship-industrial complex (CIC) that effectively shut us all down), one of the major points I was trying to make was in response to liberty absolutists, for whom no amount of incremental progress toward liberty/freedom is good enough, goes far enough, is even acceptable, for many of these types it has to be all or nothing, anything less they attack, condemn, and reject—which I view as not only unproductive, but even counterproductive.

I tried to point out that things didn’t get as bad as they are in one fell swoop; it took hundreds of years for things to devolve this far, probably going all the way back to the second U.S. president John Adams, who in 1797 signed the Sedition Act, a blatant violation of the very first amendment to the very constitution that he was very instrumental in crafting in the first place.

So to expect things to be fixed—or to reinstate the level of liberty/freedom this nation enjoyed in the founding years—in one fell swoop, is sheer fantasy. Ain’t gonna happen.

(Note: For clarity, I typically employ the term liberty in the context of the individual, and freedom in the context of society, as in individual liberty and societal freedom. Herein I use both, as this particular subject matter applies to both).

Instead, we should view liberty/freedom as a continuum, on which we can move in one direction toward liberty/freedom (i.e., toward autarchy), or in the other direction toward tyranny, authoritarianism, or statism (however we want to label the lack or loss of individual liberty/societal freedom); and thus, we should compare any action, law, proposal, candidate, office, etc. to the level of liberty we currently enjoy (or, in today’s reality, lack), and if it moves us—however incrementally—toward liberty/freedom, then we should encourage and support it, and if it doesn’t, or worse moves us away from liberty and revokes freedom, then we should oppose it.

My approach to this runs along the same lines as my approach to the false left/right paradigm, because again, on the liberty/freedom continuum, where the right end represents liberty/freedom, and the left end represents the lack thereof, then BOTH the “left” and the “right”, as they are understood today, are actually on the left, as roughly depicted in the below graphic (though today I would put Dems a little further to the left than Reps, and I would add autarchist to the right of “anarchist”, due to the fact that it’s a deeper understanding and practice of self-rule):

That’s my mindset, anyway…for what it’s worth.

So, in the “liberty is a continuum” vein, today I read a post by Being Libertarian on 𝕏, which points out some of the incremental progress toward liberty/freedom that has been made recently, as we all attempt to work around the CIC and begin re-emerging into the public discourse. I found the post to be optimistic and uplifting—probably the most I’ve experienced since Ron Paul’s 2012 presidential campaign—so I thought I’d share it here.

(Note: I took the liberty to add links to some of the text, the original (social media) post didn’t contain any links, so be advised that the links are mine, not Being Libertarian’s, in case there are any issues that arise as a result, perhaps better links/examples could be found and used, but these are what I went with on such short notice and in my greatly restricted discretionary time…)

(Additional Note: as with the links, all bolded emphases in the below post are mine too).

Anyway, here’s the post. If you’re interested in following their work, you can find Being libertarian on 𝕏, on Facebook, and visit their website.

From Being Libertarian:

“Libertarians are making political and social gains with conservatives because of an increase in free speech from Elon Musk’s Twitter/X takeover, podcasts, and solid libertarian messaging.

(Note: Along with 𝕏, I would also add Rumble (free speech video platform, and Substack (free speech blogging platform).

Dave Smith has been crushing it on the Joe Rogan Experience and will soon be on Candice Owen’s show.

Ron Paul will be on Tucker Carlson’s show right after Javier Milei, the Libertarian president of Argentina.

Rand Paul was the hands down favorite to be Senate GOP Leader after the Glitch announced he was stepping down.

Vivek Ramaswamy has been doing very well giving libertarian positions at the GOP primary debates. So much so that he’s a front runner to be Trump’s VP at CPAC.

Justin Amash is running for Senate and seems to have some good steam behind his campaign announcement.

Thomas Massie has been the best Congressman since…forever and he’s got a good shot at moving to the Senate.

(Note: being a constitutionalist, I would’ve liked to see him in the running for Speaker of the House after McCarthy was ousted).

Libertarians are also more frequent guests on Timcast and other major influential podcasts.

Yet, some libertarian accounts will try to argue over minutiae with these power players instead of helping to push the message to as many as possible.

It’s beyond time for libertarians to grow up and realize this is the best shot for pushing liberty forward since 2012, and infighting is super counterproductive.

The r3VOLution continues… if we push aside the desire to argue petty differences with other libertarians and instead turn the message outwards.”

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