First of all, to be clear: I don’t subscribe to the global depopulation via vaccinations conspiracy theory (as it makes no sense); however, I’m totally onboard with how dangerous the vaccines are, and the damage/deaths they’re causing. I studied genetics in one of my nutritional certification courses, and immediately upon hearing that the vaccines are not actually vaccines (dead or weakened/partial versions of the virus that the body builds antibodies against without actually contracting the disease), but are actually mass-produced mRNA, (essentially, experimental genetic manipulation), I knew they are likely not good, but in fact likely extremely dangerous.

But I had no idea just how dangerous and deadly they would turn out to be…

And I feel that the info/data presented in the film—regardless of the accuracy (or not) of the global depopulation conspiracy—is important and should be shared far and wide.

I’ve seen other documentaries similar to this, but this is one of the more disconcerting ones.

So, viewer discretion:

UPDATE: I’ve seen many complaints on social media about this documentary, and particularly about the producer Stew Peters, who I’d not heard of prior to watching this documentary. Though much of the documentary is praised, much of it is also being disputed.

Because of this, I considered removing this article from my blog due to the documentary possibly being inaccurate. But I found an article critiquing the documentary, which seems to knowledgeably segregate the true from the inaccurate and/or sensationalized…and the accurate information is still very important for people to know…so I decided, instead of removing this post, I’d go ahead and link to the article so that readers can review it and make up their own minds as to the credibility of the documentary. So here it is: “Died Suddenly” Is Typical Trash from Stew Peters, by Josh Guetzkow. I hope it helps clear up some of the ongoing debate.

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