VIDEO: German Politician, Economist, & Author Sahra Wagenknecht on the Ukraine War & Germany’s Involvement

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I’m currently in the throes of a couple of extensive blog articles, but I thought that with the ongoing escalation of the war in Ukraine and the potential for direct war with Russia, possibly leading to WWIII or even nuclear war, that Glenn Greenwald‘s interview with German politician, economist, and author Sahra Wagenknecht—wherein she portrays first-hand knowledge of the war in Ukraine and Germany’s involvement—needed to be shared immediately, with the hope of getting the word out and perhaps curtailing the risk of an even more catastrophic war.

Concerning sending military arms to Ukraine, I’ve already posted about how the US about-faced on the Patriot Missile Defense system, then about-faced on M1 Abrams tanks, joined by Germany with Leopard 2 tanks, and it now appears that fighter jets are now on the table, while Judge Andrew Napolitano warns of a potential war with Russia…and Sahra Wagenknecht seems to corroborate much of these fears in this interview.

(I also found it astonishing that according to Wagenknecht, Germany has become afflicted with identity politics, just as the US has, and that much of their attitude about the war is based on a perceived morality (i.e., emotion), rather than reality and reason (i.e., a knowledge of history and an understanding of economics, along with the global hegemonic aspirations and geopolitical maneuvering of the US, especially regarding NATO expansion—largely mirroring that of the American people…but I digress).

Anyway, in the interest of informing people of what’s really going on over there, here’s the interview.

Worth a watch:

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