I’ve Finally Found Healthy Eggs!

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In a recent blog article entitled A Word About Eggs & Inflammation, I explained the extremely high omega-6 (pro-inflammatory) fatty acids contained in factory-raised chicken eggs, as opposed to that of pasture-raised chicken eggs, which is much lower.

And I also explained how carefully reading the labels as to how the chickens are raised doesn’t make much difference either, as most of the labels are either meaningless or even deceptive.

I summed up with the advice that the only way to be sure you’re getting healthy eggs from healthy chickens is to source the eggs locally, and discuss with the farmer precisely how the chickens are raised and fed—and how difficult (if not impossible) that would be in a city like Las Vegas, and that instead, I would need to rigorously read labels and research to try to find truly pasture-raised and healthy eggs.

Well, good news: I found some healthy, pasture-raised eggs at my local Sprouts Farmers Market!

They’re from Vital Farms and, as depicted in the cover image above, these eggs are not only pasture-raised, but even invite you to see on their website from exactly which “small family farm” the eggs were harvested.

On their website, they describe their business thusly:

“Vital Farms began with a husband and wife, 20 Rhode Island Reds, an Austin pasture and a commitment to animal welfare. Matt and Catherine aspired to produce ethical food and a sustainable business. Instead, they built a transformational one. Today Vital Farms partners with more than 200 family farms. Every hen is humanely treated, every egg is pasture-raised and we continue to elevate our (and the industry’s) standards, continuing Matt’s commitment to ethics over profits.”

Another fun little thing they do is include a tiny newspaper-like insert Vital Times in each carton, with news, “bird of the month”, a cartoon, mission statement, and more!

And what’s more, upon opening the carton, I could tell on sight that the eggs were different…bigger, bolder…and upon cooking them, I could see the yolks were bolder and darker, not to mention the aroma—they smelled like fresh, healthy eggs—and boy did they taste great!

Now granted, they’re a little more pricey, running around $6 – $7 a dozen—but at around 50¢ each, and as healthy as they are, I think it’s well worth it!

It really does make a difference how the chickens are raised and fed, as to the quality, healthfulness, and nutritious of the eggs!

Rand Eastwood

Rand Eastwood is an author & blogger residing in Las Vegas, Nevada. Certified in nutrition and ancestral health, he is a healthy nutrition & lifestyle advocate. He describes himself as an Individualist, Consensualist, Syncretist, & Autarchist. His mission: "To seek, discover, assimilate, and disseminate Truth." Also, much of his fiction—including some award-winning stories—is included in his book Rolling The Bones, a collection of 12 subtly interconnected tales of dark fiction: 8 short stories, 3 novellas, and a short novel. He currently has an extensive novel under development (working title Primeval), along with various other writing projects To follow his work, you can subscribe to this blog (form in sidebar & below each post, or simply use this quick sign-up form), friend him on Facebook, and follow his author page on Amazon and Goodreads for future book releases.  

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