UPDATED: Video: Meet Logos Hope, the Bookstore & Cultural Center on a Cruise Ship!

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Back in January, I published an article about Logos Hope, the “book fair” and cultural/educational center on a cruise ship, which included some introductory videos from them.

But since then, they’ve published a new video of an actual port stop (in Egypt) that I thought was a wonderful representation of what they’re all about, and wanted to add that video to my article.

So I’m re-publishing the article with the new video added (below)…enjoy!


Original article:

I recently learned of Logos Hope, a “book fair” and cultural/educational center on a cruise ship, the fourth such ship launched by GBA Ships (AKA the Good Books for All Organization) and, much like my recent discovery of the Hoja Nueva center in the Peruvian Amazon, it immediately made my bucket list! One day I hope to catch it while in port somewhere and spend a day onboard…how fun would that be?

Needless to say, I thought this wonderful idea was worth sharing…enjoy!

From the website:

“The world’s largest floating bookfair [offering over 5,000 titles], Logos Hope remains in each port for about two weeks and opens the gangways to thousands of visitors each day.”

“With around 60 different nationalities represented on board, the Logos Hope community is regarded as a genuine expression of international goodwill and understanding.”

They also have a Facebook page and YouTube channel, which includes the following introductory videos:

And last but not least, the Logos Hope crew is comprised entirely of non-salaried volunteers—many enabled by sponsorship from friends, family members and civic organizations—but they also accept donations to help keep their mission of international goodwill—in the form of knowledge, help, and hope—afloat.

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