VIDEO: Puddles Pity Party

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Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m not easily impressed…

…okay, so now I’m impressed!

Michael Geier, AKA Big Mike Geier, after garnering a reputation doing Elvis-themed Christmas shows and charity events for years, has since 2013 garnered international fame through his new critically-acclaimed act: a sad clown alter-ego named Puddles Pity Party. Even more curious: Geier always speaks of Puddles in third person…

Geier has toured North America, Europe, and Australia, and is reportedly selling out shows, including at venues in Las Vegas.

(See shows/dates & get tickets here).

I must say, as he walks onto the stage, towering over everyone at nearly 7 ft. tall and dressed as a clown, he really grabs your attention…like, what the heck is this?

And then, he begins to sing…

And he’s truly amazing, having what is described as “a golden voice”. In fact, I was initially convinced he was lip-syncing, that it wasn’t really his voice. But I eventually determined that it really is him…impressive!

Below is the video that first introduced me to Puddles Pity Party, and as you can see (and hear), Geier is incredibly talented.

I looked further into Puddles, thought I’d share what I found. Enjoy!

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