VIDEO: The Healthcare Industry is Corrupted…What Can Be Done?

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The National Health Federation recently hosted a conference call, wherein doctors and other health experts discussed the corruption of the health care industry, big pharma, and even government regulatory agencies.

Hosted by NHF lobbyist Charles D Frohman, PR Director Alex Landry, & President Scott Tips, the call featured Robert Malone, M.D., the inventor of mRNA technology and author of the book Lies The Gov’t Told Me: And the Better Future Coming (which is currently free on Kindle for a limited time), Paul Marik, M.D., founder of Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance, and others, including Megan Guerrero from Feds For Medical Freedom.

I found the conversation to be very informative, and, I believe, critically important, if the corruption/tyranny is to be addressed and hopefully rooted out, successful lawsuits challenging the criminal actors, and new laws and systems put into place to prevent these crimes against humanity in the future, and particularly with vaccine passports now being planned.

Worth a watch:

Rand Eastwood

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