Announcement: My Story Published in Shallow Waters Horror Anthology!

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My flash fiction story The Road Home has been included in Crystal Lake Publishing‘s huge Shallow Waters horror Flash Fiction Anthology (over 100 top selections from the series, over 350 pages trade paperback!)!

I am flattered and honored to be included among such talent!

Here’s the book description on Amazon:

“Prepare to embark on a journey beyond the ordinary, where the unknown beckons and nightmares come to life. Welcome to Shallow Waters, a mesmerizing horror anthology that plunges you deep into the chilling and murky depths of the human psyche. Within these pages, each flash fiction horror tale is a haunting revelation, a glimpse into the shadows that dance at the periphery of our consciousness. What you hold in your hands are not just stories. They are the nightmarish visions and eerie dreams of the most talented finalists in Crystal Lake’s Shallow Waters writing contest, hosted on their Patreon page. Brace yourself to be unsettled, unnerved, and unequivocally captivated. Shallow Waters is not a book—it’s a portal to the twisted, terrifying, and tantalizing world of flash fiction horror.”

Many thanks to Crystal Lake Publishing and CEO/Editor Joe Mynhardt for the honor!

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Rand Eastwood

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