Finally, the Illegal Censorship Spotlight Turns to Facebook

Documents prove Facebook was censoring Americans for the US government, including the Biden administration.

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When Elon Musk acquired Twitter and began releasing the “Twitter Files” to various independent journalists for publication, which showed how the US government was pressuring the social media platform to censor, shadow-ban and outright de-platform users—all for content the government merely didn’t like, particularly that which could undermine Biden’s presidential campaign, and all of which is blatantly unconstitutional—I created a meme that I posted on Facebook:

Because the same exact thing was happening at Facebook, and seemed nothing was being done about.

But now, the tables have turned, and the illegal censorship spotlight has finally been focused on the world’s largest and most influential social media platform.

On Thursday, House Judiciary Committee Chair Rep. Jim Jordan released internal emails, what he called “smoking-gun documents”, subpoenaed by the Judiciary Committee, which prove that Facebook censored Americans on behalf of the US government, including the Biden administration. Here is just a sample from his Twitter account:

Well, Glenn Greenwald picked up on the blockbuster story, and dedicated much of Thursday’s System Update program to it. And, also being a former constitutional and civil rights attorney, as always he contributes expert analysis and valuable information—both legal and journalistic—which I always find informative and enlightening.

So, if you’re interested in a little more detail and expert analysis of this breaking story, simply watch Greenwald’s take:


I doubt anyone in the government gets into trouble (they never do), but maybe in light of these revelations, along with the Twitter Files, and the recent court order prohibiting many departments of the government from contacting social media companies to censor on their behalf, congress, or more likely the Supreme Court, will finally end—or at least greatly curtail—the unconstitutional censorship demands the feds have been foisting onto big tech.

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