How Covid Changed My Life

The hopelessness of reclaiming our rights and liberty in this country suddenly became obvious and undeniable to me...

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A Facebook friend recently shared a “memory” post from two years ago, which prompted me to write the following article.

But first, the post (and keep in mind, this was written TWO YEARS ago, and much, much more has been revealed since):

When I read this, I was compelled to express my feelings about the entire covid scenario:

“As for me, when the first cases of covid emerged in the US and people started getting scared, I went online and researched it, and found that there was apparently nothing to be scared of (at least to no more extent than the seasonal flu).

Shortly thereafter, the closures and lockdowns started. I vacillated between being outraged, and being almost numb, the surrealness of it all.

(Regardless of anyone’s beliefs about covid, my position was that these aren’t their decisions to make).

It wasn’t until late 2020 that a wise older gentleman (working at Home Depot, no less) pointed out the correlation with the upcoming election that I finally understood the true motive behind it all (at least here in the US).

And, it changed my life. Not covid per se (though I did eventually contract it, and was very ill for several weeks)…not even the global authoritarian lockdowns and other mandates, lawful or unlawful…rather, the largely unchallenging compliance of the American people, even while suffering massive loss in their lives due to the tyrannical overreach.

The hopelessness of reclaiming our rights and liberty in this country suddenly became obvious and undeniable to me; up until that point, I’d spent 25+ years working toward that hope, especially with the advent of the internet and social media.

But no more; now I spend the bulk of that time and energy on other, more attainable goals.

And that’s how covid changed my life.”

UPDATE Jan 20 2024: As I recently posted: it’s inspiring to see humanity finally waking up…

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