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Glenn Greenwald investigates, gathers facts, data, evidence, and ignores anything he cannot substantiate as true.

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Anyone who regularly reads this blog has probably noticed that I frequently reference Pulitzer-prize winning journalist Glenn Greenwald’s writing on Substack (which he has now moved to Locals) and his new news program, System Update, broadcast live on Rumble.

That’s because for a long time, I was frustrated, unable to find a reliable, unbiased source of news. Obviously, the corporate media is largely biased to the left, and mostly spews government lies and propaganda. On the other hand, the more conservative Fox News and especially NewsMax and other alternative news sources are just as badly biased to the right; I found that I couldn’t watch them, either, for the same reasons as the others.

I’m not interested in their opinions, their ideologies, their biases, their agendas, their feelings about newsworthy events; rather, I’m interested in the facts. I’m interested in data. I’m interested in evidence. I’m interested in truth. Keep your opinions to yourself, and provide me with as much facts, data, and evidence to substantiate the truth as you possibly can…then I’ll decide for myself what to believe and how to judge the events.

Enter Glenn Greenwald. This is precisely what he does. He investigates, gathers facts, data, evidence, and ignores anything he cannot substantiate as true.

And if he’s biased at all, it’s toward the rights and liberty of individuals, holding government (and corporate) power accountable, and exposing deception, lies, corruption, and criminality wherever he finds it.

His new show System Update has been extremely refreshing to me. And what’s more, he frequently features other independent journalists who do the same proper investigative journalism, employing the same ethic, thus giving me a host of new sources of news and information to follow, that I can largely trust as being true and unbiased.

System Update has grown very fast, and so they’ve finally released a promotional video, which I wanted to share with my readers with the hope that they, too, will find the program a refreshing change in news broadcasting.

Worth a watch:

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