I originally published this article as “Tired of Waiting, Moving Forward”, but have since updated it (and shortened it substantially), and decided to republish it under the new title…

So, I’ve recently witnessed some alarming incidents that really impacted my thinking: a few people that I know—some who I’ve known for years—have either passed away or have become terminally ill.

This unfortunate reality has emphasized for me that we don’t know how much time we have, the clock is always ticking—and I’m not getting any younger.

Along these same lines, a few years ago, a Facebook friend (unfortunately, I don’t recall precisely who) commented on a similar post, after losing someone dear to her:

“There will always be more money; there won’t always be more time.”

This, too, greatly impacted my thinking at the time.

And, I happen to be in a transitional stage in my life, wherein I’ve begun to consider what’s next…when these sudden, unexpected tragedies that hit so close to home gave me pause…

So I’ve decided I’m tired of waiting. Tired of waiting for conditions/circumstances to be more favorable, tired of waiting until I have more money saved up, tired of waiting until I feel healthier & more energetic, tired of waiting until I meet that special someone, or my “soulmate”, with which to build a life, tired of wishing I could do the things I’ve always dreamed of doing, instead of just the things I HAVE to do because of—well, you know: that pesky food, clothing, & shelter thing…

Or more accurately: I feel that I no longer have time to wait…

I’ve also more recently come to understand, and believe, that if I send positive energy out into the Universe, the Universe will respond in kind.

Or, in the words of Emerson:

“Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.”

For those of you who subscribe to this blog, you know that I’ve also come to believe that God is Truth (or more accurately, in consonance with Gandhi: Truth Is God, and that God is also a verb, i.e., living & doing

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—and that we don’t attract into our lives what we want, we attract what we are—as well as, I’ve come to believe, what we do.

So, in a nutshell: I believe that if I live in Truth, and take positive action in good faith, I’ll be okay; my basic needs will be provided, in ways I cannot perceive at the outset.

The result: I’ve decided to stop waiting, and start moving forward, in as many new ways as I can, and see what the new year brings!

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