VIDEOS: The Amazing Engineering of Perseverance Mars Rover, Plus 10 Years of 4k Images of the Red Planet

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INSIGHTS newsletter subscribers are aware by now that I’m a big fan of Mars exploration, which began when I watched the documentary Good Night Oppy on Amazon Prime Video, which detailed the building, launching, landing, and 15-year explorations of the Opportunity Mars Rover, and has since grown to an avid interest, and I now follow the adventures of the newer Perseverance Mars rover, which landed on Mars February 18 2021 and is still in operation, as well as space exploration in general, including that of SpaceX, Blue Origin, and NASA, just to name a few).

Y’all are also likely aware that I’d love to go (hint: no people there!), would love to be on the crew of the first transport to Mars, to begin setting up facilities for future human habitation. As a result, I’m keeping an eye on Elon Musk’s SpaceX progress…(though unfortunately, by the time it happens I’ll be too old (if I’m not already!)…so maybe I’ll have to settle for the moon base? We’ll see…)

And, though I was dismayed when I learned that the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter was recently damaged during a rough landing and is permanently out of commission, I was still heartened by the fact that, even though Ingenuity was originally only designed to perform up to 5 flights over 30 days, it actually ended up performed an astonishing 72 flights over nearly 3 years, logging flights up to 14 times farther than planned!

Anyway, today I stumbled across a couple of amazing videos, the first depicting the fascinating design/building/functions of the Perseverance Mars rover, the second a collection of high-resolution images compiled from a decade of Mars rover exploration. These are amazing to watch (at least for me!), so I thought I’d share:

First, the amazing design/building/functions of the Perseverance Mars Rover:

And now a collection of high-resolution images from a decade of exploration:

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