VIDEO: Hundreds of Military Personnel Sign Letter to Leaders Demanding Accountability

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On January 1st 2024, former army office Brad Miller sent an open letter to U.S. military leaders, signed by some 235 active and retired service members, stating that they will do everything possible to hold leadership accountable for the enforcement of the COVID-19 vaccine mandate, which forced more than 8,400 troops out of the military for refusing to get the vaccine, as well as injuring many, and even killing some.

The letter states:

“While implementing the COVID-19 vaccine mandate, military leaders broke the law, trampled constitutional rights, denied informed consent, permitted unwilling medical experimentation, and suppressed the free exercise of religion. Service members and families were significantly harmed by these actions. Their suffering continues to be felt financially, emotionally, and physically. Some service members became part of our ever-growing veteran homeless population, some developed debilitating vaccine injuries, and some even lost their lives.”

It went on to state that they would work diligently to “recall from retirement the military leaders who broke the law” and “convene courts-martial for the crimes they committed.”

And, there’s now another petition that supporters of this action can sign as well, which at the time of this writing has garnered nearly 13,000 signatures. The letter, and the opportunity to sign, is posted online here.

Or, you can simply read the letter here.

Also, former senior pentagon official and combat veteran Amber Smith appeared on Fox News to discuss this:


So we can only hope that those responsible will, in fact, be held accountable. And not only in the military, but in the national, state, and local governments as well.

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