VIDEO: Obsession Over the Epstein Client List Overshadows Rising Tensions in the Middle East

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While everyone is obsessing (and rightfully so) over the newly-released Epstein client list, tensions are dangerously rising in the Middle East, seriously risking potential escalation to world war.

UPDATE: On January 8 2024, General Mike Flynn posted this over on 𝕏:

The rest of the post he shared from OSINTdefender (Open Source Intelligence Monitor focused on Europe and Conflicts across the World) says:

“U.S. Defense Officials and Members of the Biden Administration have reportedly begun to understand in recent weeks that Negotiations have almost Totally Failed and that a Major Regional War in the Middle East may soon be Imminent, with several “Battle Plans” and Contingencies being Drawn-Up if this does occur; Secretary of State, Antony Blinken’s Visit to the Region this week is seen as a possible Final Attempt towards Peace.”

And Glenn Greenwald seemed to be the only one covering this and sounding the alarm instead of discussing the Epstein list on his program System Update.

Worth a watch:

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