VIDEOS: Just a Heads-Up—Two Films of Interest

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I just wanted to send out a heads-up about two films I’ve recently learned about:

1) The Abyss Remastered Special Edition

James Cameron‘s 1989 film The Abyss is one of my all-time favorite movies, and now it’s been remastered in 4k and will be re-released in theaters for ONE DAY ONLY: Wednesday, December 6th 2023. And another heads up: I found a theater here in Vegas that will be showing it, and pre-ordered tickets—and even 12 days in advance, the theater was already more than half full (there’s only one showing). So if you’re interested in seeing it, you might wanna get on it and get your tickets before it’s sold out!

Here’s the trailer:

2) Death Athletic: A Dissident Architecture

Today I learned of the documentary entitled Death Athletic: A Dissident Architecture, which is about Cody Wilson and his companies Defense Distributed & DEFCAD, as well as The Liberator (world’s first 3D-printed gun) and the Ghost Gunner machine. Of course, I Immediately purchased the film and watched it.

Here’s the published synopsis:

“Death Athletic is an intimate portrait and chronicle of a techno-political war challenging how information is created and shared in the digital age. A 7 year document trailing the Federal battles, personal struggles, growing 3D gun community, and illicit criminal case plaguing Cody Wilson’s fight for the 1st Amendment freedom to share code online. Code that happens to engineer guns.”

One of my favorite lines in the film was when Wilson explains that gun rights are not constitutional rights, but rather a human right, enshrined in the constitution. I’ve said this myself many times: that the right to own & carry guns (keep & bear arms) is not a constitutional right, but a human right, which is (supposedly) protected by the constitution (though I believe that such protection—as with all of our supposedly constitutionally-protected rights—is fast being eroded, as plainly evidenced in recent years).

And: the 2nd Amendment is not about hunting, and it’s not about personal protection or self-defense; it’s about keeping the government in check, plain and simple…

I also find it interesting that according to the documentary, apparently people all over the world—including in oppressed countries—are now able to 3D print guns. So maybe it won’t just be up to 100 million or so armed Americans, but billions of people around the world uniting to put a halt to the emerging global tyranny. No way to predict of course, but a hopeful sign nonetheless…

Anyway, Death Athletic is currently available for streaming on several platforms including Amazon Prime Video. I highly recommend it!

Here’s the trailer:

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