In my humble opinion, true giving, and/or forgiving—i.e., from Spirit—should be unconditional.

We cannot truly forgive someone while harboring any expectation of apology, remorse, or any change in their behavior or even their attitude.

And likewise, we should give to others without any expectation of reciprocity, reward, or even appreciation.

We should simply give, or forgive, from Spirit—and that is all.

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Rand Eastwood

Rand Eastwood is an author and blogger residing in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada. Certified in nutrition and ancestral health, he is a healthy lifestyle advocate. He describes himself as an individualist, consensualist, sophophile and syncretist. Much of his fiction is included in his collection Rolling The Bones, and he currently has an extensive novel under development, working title Primeval. To follow his work, you can subscribe to this blog, connect with him via his social links (right sidebar), and follow him on Amazon.

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