Contemplation: My Conceptualization of God

This past summer, over the short span of a month or two, I had no less than five random people enter my life, all of whom encouraged me, in one way or another, to pursue my goals and ambitions. At this juncture in my life, that encouragement was very much needed.

One day out on the route, while contemplating this phenomenon, I told my co-worker about it, and wondered out loud if it was merely coincidence, or was it “divine intervention” or a “sign from the Universe”, etc….?

He responded, in his usual negative manner: “Well, I don’t believe in any of that nonsense.”

Disheartened, I dropped it.

It was later that day when I stumbled across a little hummingbird nest in a small tree on the job site, along with two tiny little eggs, pictured at the top of this post (I took the second pic with my fingers in the shot for size reference). I was absolutely enthralled!

So I called out to him: “I know you “don’t believe in any of this nonsense”, but you might wanna come look at this.”

He came over and looked, and, without a word and looking quite unimpressed (as usual), he trudged silently away and returned to his work.

Then I suddenly realized: I had just inadvertently—and for the first time consciously—expressed my conceptualization of God.

Rand Eastwood

Rand Eastwood is an author & blogger residing in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada. Certified in nutrition and ancestral health, he is a healthy lifestyle advocate. He describes himself as an individualist, consensualist, sophophile, syncretist, and Autarchist. Much of his fiction—including some award-winners—is included in his collection Rolling The Bones, and he currently has an extensive novel under development, working title Primeval. To follow his work, you can subscribe to this blog (right sidebar), connect with him on Facebook, subscribe to his Substack, and follow his author page on Amazon.

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